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Chocnies is a registered food business with the relevant insurances with a 5 star Hygiene rating.

My name is Katy and I’m the owner and founder of Chocnies. As my motto says “Any chocolate baked into a brownie, the list is endless!”

I’m a mum to two amazing girls and partner to Mr Chocnie (aka James!). We currently live in Surrey and have a crazy dog called Murphy. Murphy took up most of our attention until we had our lockdown baby girl last Christmas so he has had to take a bit of a back seat!


My big girl works in a nursery full time and has also started up her own small nail business and I am very proud of her. Also it is quite handy having a live-in babysitter if I’m honest! Mr Chocnie also has his own business in digital marketing and came in very handy doing my website! His payment is brownies for life!


I started up Chocnies in May 2021 as it had been a dream for a long time and after having my daughter last year and not working I decided it was time to make this dream a reality! I had been putting it off for some time for various reasons. Having regularly baked brownies for team meetings in a previous job where I worked (with the best colleagues ever) I decided it was time to make them proud! They know who they all are and some days when I should have been working we took a little time out to plan my vision for Chocnies!


Starting Chocnies has given me a sense of purpose and achievement and I have never been so excited about starting a business and baking yummy brownies for my customers.


I hope you love your purchases from Chocnies and hope you agree they are too good not to buy as a lovely gift for a special treat. They can be enjoyed by the whole family too or  just for yourself as they really are too good to share!


I hope you can taste how each brownie is baked with love and affection. Thank you for making my dream a reality!


Katy (Mrs Chocnie!) X


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